Virginians Urged to Call Senator Tim Kaine

Update:  Thank you for taking the time to reach out to Senators regarding the GIPSA rider to the Continuing Resolution. Unfortunately, on March 19th, the Senate voted to move forward on the Continuing Resolution without allowing a vote on the two Tester amendments that would strike the GIPSA and biotech riders. This “cloture vote” means the Continuing Resolution will move forward for a vote WITHOUT the Tester amendments and WITH biotech riders and GIPSA riders included.

Action Alert:

Take Action:  Call Senator Tim Kaine ASAP and tell him/her to reject the GIPSA & biotech riders from the Continuing Resolution Appropriations Bill by supporting Senator Jon Tester’s Amendments 74 & 75. Learn more about the issue here.

If you have not done so already, would you consider calling the Senator to help defend the GIPSA rule? While emails are helpful, calls really do have a much more significant impact.

Will you call Senator Kaine’s office today? We’ve set up a number that routes directly to his office in DC.  A sample message to guide you is provided below:

Hello, my name is ________ and I am from ______. The final GIPSA rule puts in place good business practices throughout the poultry industry. Will the Senator stand up for farmers by rejecting the GIPSA & biotech riders included in the Senate Substitute Continuing Resolution Appropriations bill? Please support Senator Jon Tester’s Amendments 74 & 75 to H.R. 933.

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