Rural Cooperative Development

USDA Rural Development

In 2014, RAFI was awarded a grant by USDA’s Rural Development agency to established our new Center for Rural Cooperative and Farm Enterprise Development.

We are currently advising six agricultural producer groups that are seeking to form collaborative and cooperative enterprises.

Among the groups we’re advising are farms and collaborative groups at various stages of development. These groups are located across North and South Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida. Our staff and partners provide technical assistance and enterprise development resources and training to help farmers achieve their goals and attain financial stability and success.

Project Highlights
One of the groups we’re advising this year is the Hispanic Women in Agriculture group located in North and South Carolina. We have worked with the members of the group for several years on other issues related to their farm business. See our blog post from last year: NC Farmers and RAFI Collaborate with USDA RMA to Improve Whole-Farm Revenue Insurance

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