RAFI blog post guidelines for the From the Farmstand Blog

“RAFI is a social justice organization that works in agriculture, not an agriculture organization that works in justice.” – Scott Marlow, Executive Director

About RAFI

With roots going back to the 1930s and the Southern Tenant Farmers Union, RAFI has long worked to bring together courageous individuals across lines of race and class to make their shared world a better and more just place.

RAFI acts on many levels to uphold its vision of a world where people come together to support each other and all who labor in agriculture, to create viable and just markets and to sustain the environment.

Our core values include: integrity, equal opportunity, economic justice, grassroots democracy, respect for diversity, ecological balance, sustainability and community partnership.

Write for RAFI

If you share our values, then we would like to partner with you to help drive change that will create the just agricultural community that we envision. You can help us do this by writing about personal experiences and news that will enhance our vision and help spread our values.

Priority Topics

We are looking for writers to share news from the field, insights and reflections that relate to the issues that we address directly. For example, it would be ideal if we could acquire reports from individuals involved in or affected by farmworker protests so that we can all better understand motivations and concerns. We would also be interested to know how Whole-Farm Revenue Protection crop insurance is directly affecting the farm of you or someone you know. We want to open new doors for conversation and reflection so that we can all stay informed.

May we suggest the following general topics:

  • Agricultural Innovation
  • Race Equity in the Food System
  • Importance of Risk Management & Crop Insurance
  • Farmer Leadership
  • Farmworkers’ Rights
  • Contract Agriculture Reform
  • Poultry Contracts
  • Heritage of Food & Farming
  • Regional Food Systems
  • Open Source Farm Tools & Farming Technology
  • Food System Transparency
  • Food Insecurity
  • Hunger Relief
  • Landowner Rights & Fracking
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Seed Biodiversity
  • The Transition to Organic
  • Classical Breeding
  • Regionally Adapted Seeds

Remember to:

  • Attribute any data that is acquired from a third-party. Use quotation marks when quoting directly, give credit by using the name of the source and a link to their content. When quoting text from a website, first check their content usage guidelines. When citing data acquired from a third-party, provide the source name and a link back to the location of the data.
  • Use as many images as possible, giving credit to the original artist. If you borrow the image from another website, first check content usage guidelines. Provide a link to the location of the original image if it is being borrowed from another website. You can also give credit by providing the URL to the images. Provide only high quality .jpg or.png images. We prefer images of approx 1200 by 800 pixels but will accept approx 640 by 480.
  • Length requirements: We will accept posts within the range of 500 to approximately 1600 words. The average length of a post should be about 1000 words.
  • All published writing becomes the property of RAFI unless another agreement is made in advance.
  • Writers may link to their blog post through social media once it is published, but must wait four months before reposting the content on their own blog or website and should include “reprinted with permission from RAFI-USA.”

How to Submit:

Please email your completed article to [email protected].

Provide RAFI with your full name and the organization or company that you work for, if applicable. Include a brief author bio. RAFI cannot guarantee the inclusion of more than one link back to the author’s own website or sponsoring organization.

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