Proceedings of 2014 Summit on Seeds and Breeds for the 21st Century Agriculture


The 2014 Summit on Seeds and Breeds for 21st Century Agriculture, which was held in Washington, DC in March of 2014 brought together plant breeders, experts on the seed industry, farmers, activists and academics representing ten universities, twelve civil society organizations and four seed collections to discuss the state of our global seed supply and develop recommendations for reinvigorating public breeding research and increasing seed availability in the country. (Published October 2014) These proceedings provide a compilation of the summit keynote papers, response papers, presentations and findings, as well as a summary of recommendations collaboratively developed by summit participants during discussion.

 Executive Summary

Past Publications

Summit Proceedings: Summit on Seeds and Breeds for 21st Century Agriculture The 2003 Summit on Seeds and Breeds for 21st Century event brought together a selected group of scientists and participants from concerned organizations and government to address these needs and limitations and the potential for reforming public breeding and funding policy. The summit was held in Washington DC.
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