Disaster Assistance

RAFI advocates for disaster and risk management policies that support family farmers in increasing the sustainability of their farms. Better risk management can save farms and help changing rural economies thrive. Farmers, please call us with any questions at 919-542-1396 and press #1 for the farmer hotline or reach the hotline directly toll-free at 866-586-6746.

Disaster Recovery


Before worrying about the farm, make sure that you, your family and your property are safe from further harm. After that, recovery can begin. RAFI provides farmers with information and assistance with programs and resources that help farms achieve long term recovery. More >>

Preparing Your Farm


Disasters are an inevitable part of farming. Good preparation and recordkeeping can make a huge difference in the assistance available to a farm family after a disaster. More >>

Disaster Policy


Federal risk management and relief programs provide crucial protection for family farms. However, structural changes in ownership, products and markets mean federal disaster programs are falling behind. RAFI’s policy analysis of disaster programs pinpoints both positive benefits and needed change. More >>

Farm Advocacy


RAFI has two decades of experience fighting to keep family farmers on the land. We provide confidential advice and advocacy to lenders. We do not provide direct financial relief. If you are a farmer in need of assistance, please call RAFI at (919) 542-1396 x 210. If you need immediate assistance, please call Farm Aid at (800) FARM-AID.



Periodic updates can be found on our blog on new federal disaster relief program sign-ups and deadlines. More >>

Poultry Mortalities


For poultry growers, the dreaded sound of the poultry house alarm going off means lost income and days of work ahead. Growers can reduce the costs of mass poultry mortalities and protect themselves from future liability by creating a disposal plan in advance. More >>

A North Carolina Farmer Tells His Story


John Vollmer grows vegetables and organic strawberries in Bunn, N.C. He and his wife, Betsy, began to transition away from growing tobacco in the 80’s. Read John’s story and watch a video of John and his son Russ. They explain how lack of adequate crop insurance options puts their farm at risk. More >>

Disaster Programs & NC


Disaster Programs and the Changing Face of Agriculture in North Carolina is an in-depth analysis of the reasons for the growing gap between disaster policy and farmers’ needs and how it can be closed. More >>