Participating in RAFI-USA’s Farmers of Color Network

The Farmers of Color Network (FOCN) was founded in 2017 out of RAFI-USA’s reflection on how our service delivery adequately/equitably addressed the unique needs of farmers of color. We began FOCN by forging and strengthening relationships and distributing resources with a small group of farmers of color, mainly in the piedmont region of North Carolina. Since then, the Network has grown relationships with several hundred farmers of color across the Southeast U.S. and some U.S. territories. Additionally, our work has increased in visibility, leading to connections, strategic partnerships, and collaborations with organizations and individuals who are committed to seeing BIPOC farmers and farms thrive.

In response to this growth, we are pleased to announce a new engagement structure that articulates how you can get involved with FOCN in a way that best fits your interests.

FOCN Member 

Who is a Member? 

  • Farmers of color. 
  • Actively producing.
  • Located in the Southeast region of the US or territories including DC, MD, VA, AR, KY, TN, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, FL, USVI, PR.

Benefits of Membership: 

  • Option to be included in the FOCN directory.
  • Eligible to receive infrastructure and other relief grants (as funds are available).
  • Eligible for technical assistance services (such as resource referrals, on-farm work exchanges, land use assessments, invitation to Farmer & Buyer Connect events, education about federal, state, and local programs, etc.).
  • Access to media, public policy, training, funding, and leadership opportunities.
  • Access to Facebook group and Google group.
  • Opportunity to be invited to become an Advisor.
  • Subscribed to FOCN farmer member-only list.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Farmers of Color Network, click on this Member Intake Form to get started.


Who can be an Ally? 

  • An organization or business that is engaged with the FOCN in a meaningful way by showing a demonstrated commitment to supporting and uplifting farmers of color.
  • Former farmers who want to remain plugged in.
  • Food businesses that want to support farmers of color. 
  • Businesses or entities that purchase from farmers.
  • Churches.
  • An individual or organization that wants to financially support the work of the FOCN.

Benefits of being an Ally: 

  • Subscribed to FOCN general email list.
  • Inclusion in a public Ally directory.
  • Access to events, media, and public policy opportunities.

FOCN Supporter

If membership isn’t right for you, but you are interested in the FOCN, you can still be a part of the FOCN community as a Supporter. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay plugged into happenings and to learn more about Network farmers.

Also, do follow us on Instagram.

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