Impact and Testimonials

We are gratified when we hear from farmers about the impacts the Farmers of Color Network Infrastructure Fund grants have on their operations. Starting in 2020, three annual rounds of grants have been distributed.

From Grantees: 

“This project has allowed us to expand production and fill a local need for food. We have been able to hire seasonal hands. With the production expansion, and hired hands, we are now positioning ourselves to expand into new markets and hope to acquire new contracts.” – Ty Boyd, 2021 Infrastructure grantee

“We have already begun to see financial benefits from having the walk-in refrigeration unit in place.  We are proud to say that we have successfully tripled our income this season by having it in place, and we were able to expand production as well as participate in a weekly CSA while keeping up with our loyal customer demands.” – Anita Roberson, 2021 Infrastructure grantee 

“This project will add freezing and refrigeration storage options to our harvesting process, allowing us to store pecans for up to 24 months while marketing and selling them over time. This all is allowing us, as a small-to-midsize pecan grower, to farm sustainably, differentiate our products, find new customers, and earn a fair price. The addition of our barn now allows us an area to process, harvest, store, and ensure the pecans stay dry and shelter the equipment away from the elements, limiting the depreciation of assets.” – Ted Lambert, 2021 Infrastructure grantee 

‘The project will allow a place to process herbs and garlic grown on the farm. Currently, any processing has to be transported to another location. With these renovations, there will be facilities on site to dry and process the herbs and to make the products from the land offerings.” – Cecelia Miller, 2021 Infrastructure grantee 

“We provide good nutritious food to our community. With the added pest protection we can build with this grant funding, we plan to more than double our current production next season. Our customers are continually asking for more, and now we will be able to meet their demand. We are excited about our growth potential.” – Tom and Linda Savage, 2020 Infrastructure grantees

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