Alternative Local Food Markets Program

Alternative Local Food Markets Program

The Alternative Local Food Markets program was established in 2020 through the USDA’s Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) with a vision to help farmers increase their sales within local markets and to help communities gain access to locally produced foods. In partnership with RAFI’s Come to the Table and Farmers of Color Network programs, the Alternative Local Food Markets program seeks to respond to the changing needs of producers and consumers through direct service opportunities. 

Our goal is to cultivate and expand a variety of direct-to-consumer marketplaces where local food producers can grow their business and get their products to new customer groups, especially for farmers of color selling to communities of color. If you are a producer or consumer with questions, requests, or ideas about how to expand or improve your local food market, we are excited to work with you on projects related to:

Connecting producers and community groups through a:

  • Farmer collective 
  • Farmers market
  • Food co-op
  • Pop-up market
  • Faith community market
  • Online store
  • CSA

Marketing strategies and resources:

  • Branding + Logo design
  • Website 
  • Press and Media Outreach
  • Newsletter 
  • Social media 
  • Photography
  • Advertisements

Production changes for expanding markets:

  • Infrastructure
  • Succession planting
  • Packaging
  • Food safety certifications
  • Accepting Nutritional Assistance Benefits (SNAP, WIC, etc.)

*For a few farmer of color collective projects that are at the appropriate stage, there are limited funds to support part-time market coordinators to expand those roles into sustainable positions. 

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