Farming Education and Training

Practical Farmers of Iowa | Farminar Archive – Practical Farmers of Iowa offers webinars and educational resources that are relevant and helpful to farmers across the country. Check out their archive of ‘farminars’ to learn more. These free 90-minute online seminars feature a wide variety of farming topics with farmers as the experts.

Farm Hack – an online, open-source platform for appropriate and affordable farm tools and technologies.

Managing Food Safety Liability Risks (Farm Commons) – Farm Commons Fact Sheet addresses proactive steps farmers can take to limit food safety legal liability risks, insurance coverage options, whether and when you have to comply with the federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and dealing with local regulators or inspectors related to health and safety issues.

Organic Transition and Production Handbook for Carolina Produce Farmers – the aim of this publication is to highlight and share resources to address common pitfalls for produce farmers in organic transition. It was written by Eric Soderholm, former Organic Transition Coordinator at CFSA.

Wholesale Success – A Farmer’s Guide to Selling, Postharvest Handling, and Packaging Produce – the goal of this manual to build the capacity of farmers to meet the burgeoning demand for locally grown fruits and vegetables. The guide includes information on adopting best practices in food safety, postharvest handling, packing, and business management that will help farmers be more efficient and profitable.

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