Disaster Recovery Resource Videos

This page contains videos on how to prepare for, deal with, and recover from the strike of a disaster. Their relevance is specific to farmers, but lessons can be applied to others as well.

Introduction to Disaster Recovery Resource Videos

Documenting Disasters

This video touches on the importance of documenting disasters immediately after they happen, even if the first inclination is to start cleaning up. Mr. Marlow also explains what and how to document, including calculations to determine the value of damaged property.

Distribution of Labor During a Disaster

This talk explains the division of labor and important distinctions between three US disaster response agencies: the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Small Business Association (SBA), and the Farm Service Agency (FSA). Mr. Marlow also covers important information on the relationships between the agencies, and gives examples of when to approach each agency.

Working with Farmers in Disaster Recovery

A disaster and its aftermath may feel novel, but what people experience is actually a standard process. In this video Mr. Marlow debriefs us on the stages we, as people and communities, go through after a disaster strikes.  He also provides some general advice for how allies and helpers can be supportive to farmers during the recovery process.

*Videos recorded and edited by Joe Ristaino

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