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A Guide to SNAP/EBT for NC Farmers Markets

The second edition of this guide is for farmers market organizers, public health professionals, and food justice advocates who want to learn how farmers markets can accept SNAP/EBT benefits. The guide includes an overview of SNAP/EBT in North Carolina and how to implement a successful SNAP/EBT program at farmers markets. The guide also describes farmers market nutrition incentive programs and how farmers markets can implement their own incentive program. An exciting addition to the guide is four case studies of North Carolina farmers markets with existing SNAP/EBT programs. The farmers market vary in size, location, and community demographics. Market managers reading the guide will be able to use the case studies to find the farmers market that most resembles their own. From there they can learn what their market might reasonably expect from starting a SNAP program including equipment costs, transaction volume, outreach efforts, etc.

As a companion to the Guide’s section on record-keeping, RAFI is also offering a new tool, the Guide to Excel for Farmers Market SNAP/EBT Programs. This downloadable Excel workbook contains instructions, tips, templates for SNAP/EBT record-keeping in Excel 2013; we hope to offer a guide for additional versions of Excel and Google Sheets in the future.

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Farmers Market and Faith Community Partnerships: A Guide for Market Managers

This guide is for farmers market managers, board members, and volunteers interested in fostering relationships between their market and local faith communities. Meaningful relationships between farmers markets and faith communities can connect farmers to new customers and to the community in general, while increasing access to fresh healthy food and creating a closer connection to where that food comes from. This guide includes advice, resources, and tools for market managers who want to build such relationships.

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The Come to the Table Guidebook, 2nd Edition

Come to the Table Guidebook

The second edition of the Come to the Table Guidebook is a 40-page publication released in 2015 by RAFI, the NC Council of Churches and Resourceful Communities. It includes snapshots of community groups that have pioneered innovative food access work, the current status of hunger and agriculture in North Carolina and nationally, along with new resources and stories from faith leaders and from the field.

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The Come to the Table Guidebook, 1st Edition

Come to the Table Guidebook

The Come to the Table Guidebook is a 40-page electronic publication that includes an overview of the theology and issues surrounding farming and food security in North Carolina, perspectives from faith leaders, easy tools for identifying the needs and resources in your community, example projects for congregations to relieve hunger and support local food production, and a resource list.

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