The Come to the Table Program

Our Mission

Come to the Table’s mission is to end hunger by developing connections and building power to create a just food system where food is a human right and those who work in the system have ownership and are treated with dignity. We believe that faith communities have a key role to play in this work.

Our Strategy

Come to the Table’s primary strategy is connection. All of RAFI-USA’s other programs work directly with farmers. Come to the Table helps connect those programs with non-farming communities, especially communities of faith. CTTT also holds events, conferences, and other gatherings to build connections between individuals, organizations, issues, and communities.

How We Work

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CTTT Staff Members & Contact Information

Michelle Osborne, Senior Program Manager, Come to the Table, [email protected], 919.704.6920
Jarred White, Farm & Faith Partnerships Project Manager, [email protected], 919.548.4730
David Allen, Program Coordinator, [email protected], 984.214.2816

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