For Contract Farmers: Resources & Guides

Current Contract Poultry and Livestock Farmers: If you have questions or need help, please call RAFI-USA’s Farmer Hotline at 866.586.6746. 

At RAFI-USA, we believe that “contract farming” in itself is not a bad thing. Contracts can be a very useful tool for farmers to reduce their risk and plan cash-flow. RAFI-USA supports the use of transparent and fairly negotiated contracts in many agricultural transactions including with employees or buyers.

But many livestock production contracts, like those designed for broiler growers, can be misleading and complex. Many farmers who sign these contracts find themselves in a bad financial situation a few years down the road. At RAFI-USA we have worked with contract poultry growers for over 30 years and have heard many stories of long-term debt, unpredictable and highly variable pay, small or negative revenues bankruptcy, and loss of farm and home.

If you are considering signing a poultry or livestock production contract, or if you currently have one, the most important step to protecting your farm is to know the risks.

Resources to Read Before You Sign

Additional Resources to Read if You Already Have a Contract

We are here to help growers. We will be adding additional resources to this page over time. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

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