Our Programs

Since our founding in 1990, RAFI-USA has recognized that our food system is deeply inequitable, where rural communities — their land, animals, and people — are exploited to benefit corporate power structures. Working across agricultural sectors and collaboratively through coalitions, we combine on-the-ground practical services and policy advocacy to ensure farmers have access to the tools they need to make the right choices for their farm and families as well as for their communities and the environment. 

RAFI-USA takes a whole system approach to change through our integrated program areas: Challenging Corporate Power, Come to the Table, Expanding Farmers Market Access, Farm Advocacy, Farmers of Color of Network, Just Foods as well as work in policy.

Challenging Corporate Power

The Challenging Corporate Power program fights the unchecked corporate control of our food system that affects each of us. This unchecked control has created a dramatic imbalance of power between farmers and corporations that has significantly contributed to the loss of independent farmers and rural economic vibrancy. Corporations have been given carte-blanche to pursue profits at the expense of farmers, workers, and rural communities. We work with a broad base of stakeholders to fight corporate power. Together farmers, workers, environmental activists, animal welfare groups, and others will build an equitable food system that is economically, racially, and ecologically just.

Come to the Table

Come to the Table is a multifaceted program that focuses on systemic solutions to food access that also strengthen just and sustainable agriculture. The program works with faith communities, hunger relief advocates, and farmers to engage and mobilize them on issues of food access and justice in the food system. The program delivers conferences and events, technical assistance, training focused on building equity in the food system, and collaborative networks and resources.

Expanding Farmers Market Access

Farmers markets and other direct-to-consumer markets are an invaluable component of strong local and regional food systems; for both farmers and their surrounding community. The Expanding Farmers Market Access program supports the development of resilient, dependable, and accessible direct-to-consumer markets that lead to stronger farm viability and community food security. The program coordinates nutrition incentive programs across North Carolina as well as provides technical assistance to farmer collectives, farmers markets, and faith communities in the development of alternative local food marketplaces.  

Farm Advocacy

RAFI-USA farmer advocates provide assistance, guidance, and administrative representation to save or strengthen farms. When farmers are in financial crisis we’re there to answer their call. From representing farmers in USDA matters to navigating disasters, our work is grounded in the needs of each farmer. We provide expert knowledge on complex financial issues, combined with more than three decades of experience fighting to keep family farmers on their land. We serve diverse farms across the Southeast, ranging from small, specialty operations to livestock and commodity operations on thousands of acres. Through our work, we have a number of tools and resources for farmers and advocates. Access RAFI-USA’s library of publications and farmer resources.

Farmers of Color Network

Farmers of color in the U.S. have long been disadvantaged by systemic and institutional racism, including discrimination in accessing credit, loans, resources, and markets. As a result, farmers of color make up just 4% of all U.S. farmers. 

RAFI-USA founded the Farmers of Color Network in 2017 to support these farmers and grow their numbers. The Network provides farmer-led technical assistance, outreach, and funding opportunities, as well as hosting farm tours, networking events, and gatherings to highlight ancestral traditions and knowledge, as well as exploring market solutions. 

Just Foods

From promoting meaningful standards for organic agriculture to pioneering new standards for social justice in the food system, Just Foods projects seek to make fair, sustainable farming a viable choice. Protecting agricultural genetic diversity is also essential to the viability of family farms.  Just Foods advocates for funding for classical breeding programs and the support of publicly held seeds and breeds.

RAFI-USA is a member of the following coalitions:

Campaign for Contract Agriculture Reform
HEAL Food Alliance
National Family Farm Coalition
National Organic Coalition
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
NC Farmworker Advocacy Network

RAFI-USA is a founding member of the Agricultural Justice Project.

RAFI-USA is the fiscal sponsor for the National Organic Coalition.

RAFI-USA is the fiscal sponsor for the Campaign for Contract Agriculture Reform.

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