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Media Coverage Related to Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print

Under Contract is a new documentary film produced by RAFI-USA and released in February 2017.

  • The Guardian – Fowl play: the chicken farmers being bullied by big poultry
  • The New York Times – Farmers Dismayed That USDA Delays Fair Practice Rule (via the Associated Press) 
  • Huffington Post – Trump Administration Hits Small Farmers With More Bad News
  • Associated Press – Chicken farmers say processors treat them like servants
  • Food Republic – This Film Blows The Doors Off The Chicken-Farming Industry
  • Bloomberg – Trump Must Choose Between Farmers and ‘Big Meat’
  • POLITICO – Chicken farmers hope Trump will jump on GIPSA train
  • NPR – After A Long Fight, New Rules Defend Small Farmers. For Now.
  • The Wall Street Journal – USDA Issues New Rules Aimed at Protecting Farmers
  • Mother Jones – Obama’s USDA Just Played Chicken With the Trump Transition Team
  • Paste Magazine – Talking Under Contract with Sally Lee

Recent RAFI-USA Media Coverage

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