Food Justice Toolkit

The Food Justice Toolkit is a collection of resources that RAFI-USA’s Come to the Table program has assembled for advocates to inform current and future food access projects. Included are studies from non-profit and research entities, policy briefs and recommendations, personal accounts, and academic explorations on inequality in the food system. These resources represent an interdisciplinary approach to understanding issues of food production and access and reflect Beyond Hunger Relief’s mission to expand sustainable solutions to food insecurity that also work to strengthen just and sustainable agriculture.

A collection of some of our favorite resources from other organizations.

This resource provides a broad look at current research on structural racism in the U.S. food system. 

This policy brief grounds food systems policy recommendations in personal narrative from Southern food access advocates.

A more in-depth complement to “Shining a Light in Dark Places,” this report explains structural inequality in the food system, with opportunities for policies and best practices.

A comprehensive examination of racial inequity in the food system—from production and distribution to consumption. Through research and data, outlines current challenges and opportunities.

This curriculum provides tools and information for health advocates—those interested in healthy food—to communicate in ways that are culturally sensitive and acknowledge systematic inequality.

Guthman’s research analyzes alternative food spaces through a food justice lens.

Through historical analysis, data, and personal anecdotes, this report provides insight into food deserts.

This report includes a timeline of important events that have shaped the American food system and the local food movement.

A brief introduction to food justice and critique of the commonly used term “food desert.”

This guide provides a framework for intersectional social initiatives, with helpful graphics, definitions, and visioning tools that apply to food access work.

A brief list of terms typically found in food justice literature from food justice activists with Growing Power.


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