FAQ: FSA County Committees

What is an FSA County Committee?

Every FSA office in the country is required by law to have an advisory board made up of local farmers and ranchers.  Members of the board (called a county committee) are elected by their peers in the fall of each year.

We are currently spreading the word about voting for county committee to all eligible farmers. By voting, you can ensure that the best interests of farmers are represented.

Our Farmer Leadership Network helps prepare and educate candidates and voters on the process and the roles that committee members play.

What do county committees do?

County committees inform decisions made by FSA service centers across the country.  Every FSA office is required to have a county committee, and they are made up for local farmers as elected by local farmers. While committees do not outrightly decided who does or does not receive a loan, they help determine eligibility of applicants, how to handle disasters, priority of conservation programs, and key administrative components to FSA programs.

How do I vote?

Ballots are mailed to all eligible farmers at the beginning of November. You can either mail your ballot or turn it in at your local FSA office.

When do I vote for county committee?

 All ballots are due back by early December. Check with your local office on the exact date, as it changes year to year.

How do I know if I am eligible to vote?
To be eligible to vote, farmers must be currently farming in the county and participating in a USDA program or have a loan with FSA.  Only certain districts of the county are up for election each year, and if you are eligible to vote, you should receive a ballot in the mail in November.

More questions?
Whether you are a candidate or a voter, we want to hear from you! Email [email protected].

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