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Farm Bill swiss army knife
The Farm Bill: A Policy Swiss Army Knife

The Farm Bill is the primary agriculture and food policy legislation of the federal government.  This omnibus bill determines policy and funding levels for agriculture, food assistance programs and other aspects under the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Farm Bill legislation is the cornerstone of our nation’s agricultural policy, but it’s also a place where rural and urban meet, make compromises, and form unique and sometimes unlikely partnerships.

The 2018 Farm Bill

We’ve had the Farm Bill for more than 70 years now, but it’s always a negotiation. We are in the process of developing the 2018 Farm Bill, which outlines how U.S. agriculture will operate for the next five years. Read about the Farm Bill process.

RAFI’s Response to the House Ag Committee Bill

The Farm Bill is a multi-step legislative process beginning with the House Agriculture Committee’s release of the Chairman’s Mark on April 12, 2018. Read RAFI’s reaction to the Chairman’s Mark here. On June 21, 2018 the House passed their version of the farm bill.

RAFI’s Response to the Senate Ag Committee Bill

The Senate Agriculture Committee passed their draft of the farm bill on June 13, 2018. Read RAFI’s reaction to the Senate Ag Committee version here. The bipartisan Senate bill passed on June 27th, 2018, offering far more support for family farmers compared to the House version.

RAFI’s Conference Committee Advocacy Series

The House and Senate have each passed their versions of a new farm bill and sent them on to the Conference Committee where negotiations between the two bills will occur. The 2014 Farm Bill expires on September 30th, 2018 and Congress must either pass a new Farm Bill or extend the 2014 bill, called a Continuing Resolution, before then. The House named their conferees last month and the Senate named theirs on August 1st. Click here for the full list of members of the Conference Committee. Check out our Conference Committee Advocacy Series to learn more about key titles in the bill. We invite you to join us in engaging with your legislators on the issues that matter to you. Here are the blog posts and action alerts we have shared so far:

RAFI’s Farm Bill Platform

Our platform is grounded in our in-depth work with individual farmers across the country, focused on the Southeastern U.S. We seek policy reforms that increase the viability of family farms, while promoting economic vitality, environmental and community health, and just and equitable treatment of all who labor in agriculture. Furthermore, RAFI is committed to working in partnership with a full diversity of farmers, farm workers, advocates and rural communities to ensure their voices resonate throughout the Farm Bill. Learn about where we stand on key policy areas in the 2018 Farm Bill.

RAFI’s Farm Bill Scorecard

From now to September 2018, Congress will develop several versions of the 2018 Farm Bill as they work toward a final law. RAFI will analyze and grade each draft of the Farm Bill, so you know how it supports—or fails—our farmers, their communities and the environment. Click here to view our scorecard to compare the different versions of the farm bill.

Get Involved

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Farm Bill Partners

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