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Passing a Farm Bill is a constantly evolving process that RAFI is closely tracking. Return to this feed for updates on the Farm Bill’s progress, and analysis of emerging Farm Bill policies!

Raising FSA Lending Caps Has Bipartisan Support, But Without Increased Lending Authority for FSA, Access to Land and Capital May Get Worse for Smaller Farmers
May 22, 2024

In response to rising land values and input costs, both the Senate and House Farm Bill proposals will seek to increase the total amount that farmers may borrow from the Farm Service Agency (FSA). These increases will apply across the major lending products that FSA offers, including farm ownership loans that farmers use to buy new or additional land or built infrastructure, and farm operating loans that farmers use to buy equipment, inputs, and in other ways capitalize their ongoing operations….

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Rep. Thompson’s Farm Bill Proposal Will Put Critical Conservation Funds out of Farmers’ and Ranchers’ Reach
May 17, 2024

Today (May 17, 2024), RAFI (Rural Advancement Foundation International) expressed strong concerns with House Agriculture Committee Chairman G.T. Thompson’s (R-PA) partisan Farm, Food, and National Security Act, which is likely to be marked up in the House Agriculture Committee on Thursday, May 23. In removing the climate prioritization attached to the roughly $13 billion in conservation funding being re-invested from the Inflation Reduction Act into the Farm, Food, and National Security Act, Rep. Thompson is re-allocating money away from the conservation practices most commonly sought and utilized by small and mid-scale farmers and ranchers, like those who partner with RAFI.

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RAFI Welcomes Senator Stabenow’s Farm Bill Framework
May 14, 2024

Last week, we got more details about the possible contents of both the House and Senate versions of the Farm Bill than we have in months. The more comprehensive of the two frameworks was released by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, in the form of a 94-page summary of her proposed Rural Prosperity and Food Security Act. House Agriculture Committee Chairman G.T. Thompson released a much shorter five-page summary of his upcoming Farm Bill proposal, which he intends to bring to his committee before Memorial Day. You can read RAFI’s initial reaction and analysis on our press release blog!

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