Marker Bill Tracker

Marker Bill Tracker

Scroll down for more information on what’s in this marker bill tracker and how to use it!

Click on “Support This Bill” to find ready-made action alerts to ask your Congressional representatives to support the bills listed here.

What is a Marker Bill?

A marker bill is a little bill that a legislator is hoping will become part of a bigger, “omnibus” bill, like the Farm Bill.  It’s the way legislators get their policy ideas and legislative text on record.  Marker bills are the building blocks of bigger bills – they are not typically expected to pass on their own.  The more support a marker bill gets once it is introduced, the stronger chance it has of being included in the Farm Bill.

There’s a lot to keep track of as Congress writes a Farm Bill, and we hope that sharing the marker bills we are tracking and supporting will be a helpful tool for you, too.

What’s In This Tracker – And How To Use It

This tracker includes bills 1) which have been introduced already, either in this Congress (the 118th), or previous sessions, and 2) which RAFI has endorsed.


  • To sort bills by issue area, click on the three parallel lines to the right of “issue” and then type in the issue tag. Bills are sorted with the following issue tags: climate, corporate concentration, credit, equity, food security, land, livestock/poultry, local/regional food systems, organic, processing, and territories.
  • You can also filter or sort by any column header.
  • Click and drag to re-size columns, or click on a cell to expand it and see all of its text.
  • Click on the linked bill number on the left to see more details about the bill, including bill text
  • Click on “Support This Bill” to be taken to an action alert page where you can email your elected officials
  • Sometimes you’ll see a bill listed twice – that’s because it has been introduced in both the House and the Senate, and has a listing for both introductions.

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