Farm Advocacy & Dealing with Disasters Workshops at PASA

A project of RAFI-USA, Farm Aid, and other partners, the Farm Advocate Link is a newly established national network of farm advocates whose goal is to support established advocates, welcome new and aspiring advocates, and provide ongoing training, professional development and a shared sense of purpose to farm advocates across the country.

We’re offering two workshops at the upcoming at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Farming for the Future conference on February 8th & 9th.

The two workshops we’re presenting are Farm Advocacy 101 and Dealing with Disasters. Read more about the topics the workshops will cover below.

If you’re attending the conference, please join us! If you won’t be there, but you know folks who will be attending, please spread the word!

The workshops, open to everyone, will be led by Joel Morton of Farm Aid, Scott Marlow of RAFI-USA, and Lynn Hayes of the Farmers Legal Action Group (FLAG).

For more about the PASA conference, visit conference.pasafarming.org.

Farm Advocacy 101

Farm advocates help connect farmers with social, legal, and financial resources and services. Advocates may assist farmers by referring them to helpful organizations, agencies, or other professionals or by directly providing assistance in their areas of expertise. Advocates work with beginning or established farmers on financial planning and setting goals for their farm operations. Farm advocacy includes assisting farmers who: are in need of financial information, have received an adverse decision from a federal or state agency, are dealing with disaster losses on the farm, or are going into mediation or negotiations with lenders.

Dealing with Disasters

A producers’ ability to receive assistance for disaster losses depends in large part on their ability to demonstrate the extent of those losses. The better the documentation, the more likely it is that a producer will be able to maximize the assistance he or she is eligible for. Workshop attendees will learn how to properly document disaster losses and become more prepared for dealing with disasters.

Ask your legislators to support farmers’ access to credit and co-sponsor the Fair Credit for Farmers Act!CALL