#TakeActionTuesday: Support the Strengthening Local Processing Act

How does more local processing lead to a more just food system? Local processing means more local food, more choice, more individual power, less corporate control. Local processing fights corporate power! Click below to take action & join the fight.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started local food economies have stepped up to fill in the gaps created by shortcomings of the industrial food system. As grocery shelves were bare due to logistical issues, farmers stepped up to meet the needs of our communities. Now farmers need our help.

Failures of the industrial food supply chain have created new barriers to farmers feeding our communities – specifically, processing. Space for processing livestock and poultry for consumers has become a scarce resource as COVID-19 outbreaks ravaged industrial processing (Smithfield, Tyson, etc.).

While workers were contracting COVID at terrifying rates, these companies were shifting their livestock and poultry to independent processing facilities, pushing out the independent farmers who rely on local processing. You can help by contacting your elected officials!

Congress has introduced the Strengthening Local Processing Act, which will expand processing infrastructure. This infrastructure will benefit independent farmers, local markets, co-ops, and consumers. This bill will ensure that consumers are able to purchase directly from farmers today and in the future. Please contact your elected representatives today!  

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