Ricky Dollison

Dollison Farms, Poulan GA

Ricky Dollison is installing a refrigerator storage cooler in a central location on the farm, which will extend the shelf life of their crops after harvest. The new fridge will increase the farm’s income and profit by ensuring that all crops are handled and stored safely and properly for market.

Bio: Dollison Farms is a family-owned and operated 200-acre farm that has worked together for the last 8 years to bring our products to market. Specifically, Ricky is 4th Generation Farmer with more than 50 years of experience actively working farms. Proficient in the use of farming equipment. Managing my time to efficiently complete an assortment of duties, including tending to fields, preparing produce and livestock for the market, harvesting crops, repairing and maintaining farm equipment, raising swine, and facilitating them from farrow to slaughter.

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