RAFI-USA Policy Priorities for 2021

While the policy landscape is always changing, RAFI-USA’s vision stays constant. We envision a thriving, sustainable, and equitable food system: where farmers and farm workers have dignity and agency; where they are supported by just agricultural policies; and where corporations and institutions are accountable to their community.

Farmer Fly In Washington DC
Christy and Tony Grigsby with their attorney (L) in front of the U.S. Capitol building during a farmer fly-in.

In 2021, to make that vision a reality, our policy priorities focus on building infrastructure for local and regional food systems, creating equity in the food system at large, ensuring that COVID-19 relief and other federal resources are distributed equitably, and reversing the trend of farm loss and consolidation in agriculture.

The specific policies we pursue to meet these goals vary widely — from increasing local processing available to small livestock producers to building accountability within USDA agencies, to providing debt relief to small farmers.  Read more about specific policies we support in 2021.

We use a variety of strategies to build towards the change we want to see:

—We keep you informed about what is going on on the Hill, and share where and when we see opportunities for you to make an impact by contacting your elected representatives or contributing a public comment. Sign up for our “Take Action Tuesday” Action Alerts to stay up to date with all the latest!

—We also organize constituent lobby meetings between farmers and other constituents with their Members of Congress to discuss the issues impacting farmers and rural communities. Want support for visiting with your Member of Congress? Let’s talk!  Email our Policy Team Chair at [email protected].

We also do “grasstops” advocacy, staying in direct contact with Congressional champions of our core issues, and we participate with a number of national coalitions. 

This work depends on people power.  Join us!

Hear our Policy Team Chair Margaret Krome-Lukens share RAFI-USA’s policy priorities at a recent Zoom Open House.

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