RAFI-USA 2020 Impact Report: Working Together, Making a Difference

A year change, hardship met, opportunities taken, working together.  Thank you!

As we continue living with COVID-19, I hope you are finding ways to stay positive, engaged, and connected. I am encouraged and humbled by the outpouring of generosity and support from our community — from you. 

While much is difficult, I hold on to the fact that the pandemic has exposed our broken food system and presented us with new opportunities to advance our work. RAFI-USA is committed to building local food economies and creating the more equitable food system we envision. 

I am incredibly grateful to the hard-working and dedicated staff at RAFI-USA, and to our board of directors, our many partners, and the farmers we work with every day. By working together, we will successfully face whatever challenges come our way on behalf of the communities we serve. Thank you for helping us meet the challenges of this moment, for helping RAFIUSA make a difference. 

Edna Rodriguez, Executive Director

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