RAFI Executive Director discusses food security for CCTV America

In this breaking news piece by CCTV America, our Executive Director, Scott Marlow, discusses food security and our belief in a community-based systems solution.

“Food security is defined as the ability for folks to access economically, physically, socially adequate food supplies and culturally appropriate food supplies to support a healthy and active life,” Scott says in the interview.

He notes that existing systems are reliant on external resources, like chemicals, externally patented seeds and other industrial inputs. He explains how we should prioritize developing production systems that figure out how to utilize a community’s natural and other resources, so that they aren’t dependent on purchasing from external sources. View the full video below.

RAFI-USA staff are currently working remotely. As we plan for how COVID-19 will change both how we do our work, and what work needs to be done, please know that we are still here. Our Farmer Hotline (866-586-6746) will operate from Monday-Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Stay tuned for more updates and information.