Proposed NC Fracking: We Are at a Critical Point

Over the last five months, the Mining and Energy Commission’s Compulsory Pooling Study Group (CPSG) has been studying forced pooling, known as compulsory pooling in North Carolina. (To learn more about this controversial practice, watch RAFI’s video, “Forced Pooling 101.”) RAFI serves as a resource member to the CPSG, bringing the voices of landowners to the table.

We are now at a critical point. The CPSG will finalize many of its recommendations by the end of May. Before that, the CPSG needs to hear from you!

There are three meetings scheduled between now and the end of May. During these three sessions, the CPSG will lay out its recommendations on major landowner issues. It is critical that landowners voice their opinions to the CPSG members before recommendations are finalized.

Recommendations will be made on the following dates:

April 26 – Penalties and compensation for compulsorily pooled landowners

May 17 – Whether or not to allow compulsory pooling

May 31 – Prerequisites for a compulsory pooling application

It has never been more important for you to speak out against compulsory pooling. The recommendations made by the CPSG will be the basis for decisions made by the General Assembly.

If you’re interested in contacting a CPSG member or speaking at a meeting, but want more information, email James Robinson ([email protected]) or call 919-542-1396 ext. 209.

The next Compulsory Pooling Study Group meeting is Friday, April 26. The meeting agenda and location is available here. Let us know if you plan to attend and have any questions.

Thank you for making your voice heard. Together, we can protect North Carolina’s landowners.

James Robinson
Research and Policy Associate
Landowner Rights and Fracking Project

P.S. For more information about hydraulic fracturing or mineral rights leasing in North Carolina, visit our information page. Here you can find a map of the shale basins in North Carolina, learn what to do if you’re considering a mineral rights lease, and watch our video, “Forced Pooling 101.”

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