30 Days: Our Volunteers

RAFI Crop Hop 2013. Photo by Debbie Roos Photography.

Cultivating community engagement from the ground up depends on a lot of patience, perseverance and dedication. It is an amazing privilege that we wouldn’t trade for the world. Nor would we trade our volunteers who are in the thick of it with us. It truly takes a village to get things done.

We have worked with countless volunteers and interns throughout our existence as an organization. We have met so many kind, intelligent and lively people who came to help us with important, tedious, fun and collaborative tasks.

Sometimes it’s the simple task of helping us stuff and seal envelopes, all while sitting around a table getting to know each other. Other times, it’s the setup and breakdown of an entire tent and table at an event, while simultaneously delivering a rhapsodic message about RAFI’s work (with a smile!) and gracefully chasing down the slew of papers blown away by the wind. Other times it’s help with research, graphic design or re-organizing the office.

And this year, it was our first ever Crop Hop, which brought in legions of volunteers that we couldn’t ever thank enough!

To all of you who have supported RAFI by lending a hand, thank you! We appreciate you today and every day!

The following volunteers and interns supported us immensely in 2013:

Videographer Natalie Taylor, who created our Forced Pooling 101 video.

Michelle Madeley, a co-author of our specialty crop insurance publication, who did the GIS map and analysis.

Graphic designer Claire Fahrbach, who designed the Breeding for Organic Production Systems wheat and soybean charts.

Crop Hop volunteers, including Jesalyn Keziah, Emily Stallings, Beth Turner, Tucker and Mackenzie Withington, Alex Hitt, Chris Searl-Bouton, Linda Murray, Riley MacLean, Debbie Roos and Anschel Burke

Come to the Table conference volunteers, including Jesalyn Keziah, Lynette Driver, Peter Breakfast, Jason Butler, Kelly Clement, Jimbo and Joan Perry

Farm Sustainability interns, including Krysta Messier, Emily Stallings and Sam Hyson.

Farm Aid volunteer Matt Valades.

National Organic Action Plan volunteer Kane Pour.

Emily and David Boynton, who allowed us to use their land for our 30 Days of Thanks design.

Carlen Pinnix, who is conducting survey work for EBT access at North Carolina farmers markets.

Shari Barnett, who helped with office organization and collaborated with RAFI staff in Farm Advocacy.

To nominate your favorite farmer or food hero for RAFI’s 30 Days of Thanks, click here.

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