Otis Stevens

Veggie 4 Life, Frederiksted, VI

Otis Stevens is expanding the amount and type of produce he grows at Veggie 4 Life. He is setting up additional refrigeration to keep their produce fresh longer in addition to adding water tanks for added water storage, both of which will allow them to better meet the community’s needs year-round.

Bio: Ever since I knew myself, I have been interested in farming. I came from 3 generational farmers (fruits, vegetables, and animals). Currently, I am concern about the state of our food system or lack thereof. I have honed the skills of producing my own mixture used to sow seeds, transplant slips and nourish plants. Recently, I found an added component to my mixture which have increase moister to my crops in the dry season.

I receive and share farming ideas with other farmers in the community. At my roadside stand, customers reach out to me for advice on planting. Lately, the inquiries have increased due the COVID experience that have touched our lives in some way or another.

Living on the United States Virgin Islands (40+ years), I have grown to understand the soil needs in order to improve production of fruits, vegetables and even ornamental plants. I am thankful and look forward to continue on this journey with the help of this grant opportunity from RAFI-USA!

All the best to my fellow farmers.

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