30 Days: North Carolina Council of Churches

Rooted in a commitment to community and faith, the North Carolina Council of Churches weaves in Christian teachings to connect justice to every aspect of daily life.

The council, led by Chris Liu-Beers, champions a collective vision of equity and respect for all who eat and all who labor in agriculture. Its mission includes the following:

Everyone eats.

Our relationship with food is as simple — and as complex — as that. Every living thing is dependent on nutrition, which makes food an incredibly valuable resource. And how we get it, who gets enough of it, and the choices we make around it become critical social justice issues.

Through interfaith partnerships, the council has helped link various communities in exploring solutions to the problems that plague our society, including the rise of hunger and poor health in rural communities and the unjust realities faced by farmworkers in North Carolina. The council, through its advocacy and programs, offers a warm, humanistic and holistic approach to community engagement.

Among our various collaborations, the council helps RAFI administer a quarterly Rural Life Committee to further incorporate all voices as we work toward justice.

We thank you, NC Council of Churches, for ministering with all of your heart and soul for a better community rooted in justice.

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