Nadine Burton

Tallawah Farms, Princess Anne, MD

Tallawah Farms is working to extend the shelf life of one of their most popular cops, callaloo. They are setting up a commercial kitchen which will include a walk-in cooler, aluminum sinks, and tables, as well as a commercial cutting machine and a packaging machine. This new process will decrease the amount of crop loss that the farm experiences, and increase their sales.

Bio: Nadine is a third-generation farmer who as learned the art of growing Afro-Caribbean heritage crops from her grandfather back in Jamaica. With her curiosity and determination to fully master this art, she delved into the study of agriculture, obtaining a teaching diploma in agricultural science, BSc. in agriculture technology and production systems, MSc. in food and agriculture, and PH.D. in food science. Today, she has a full-time job with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore as an alternative and organic crop specialist working with small farmers. With all these accolades and opportunities, something was missing. Nadine’s life-long dream “to own a farm.” She is a firm believer that a country’s strength is measured by its ability to feed its people and one way to achieve this, requires all hands on deck. Hence, the birth of Tallawah Farms (small but not to be underestimated) was the missing piece of Nadine’s puzzle. Tallawah Farms has provided Nadine with the opportunity to live her dream by playing her part in the advancement of food security with the understanding that with every person who is provided with the accessibility and availability of fresh nutritious food of preference is one less food insecure person.

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