Meet the Fall 2023 SFJFS Cohort

This fall, faith leaders and food justice advocates are coming together every week to participate in Come to the Table’s School for Food Justice, Faith, and Storytelling (SFJFS). Each week, cohort members tackle a different food justice topic, such as corporate consolidation, food access, and public advocacy, while also focusing on the role of story as a tool of change.

For the first time, Come to the Table opened up SFJFS to a national audience of leaders. The fall cohort features members from 19 states who work at the intersection of food justice and faith, at churches, non-profits, farms, and a host of other organizations.

Check out the graphics below to see where cohort members hail from, read bios of a handful of participants, and see the vocational settings of the cohort.

SFJFS cohort members come from three main vocational fields — faith communities, nonprofits, and religious organizations. This cohort is made up of an eclectic mixture of those three and more, with several farmers, extension agents, and food justice advocates also in the group. No matter their vocational background, each member has a passion for the work of food justice.

While applications are closed for this cohort, applications will open in late 2024 for our next cohort. Stay up to date with SFJFS and the work of Come to the Table by subscribing to our e-newsletter at this link.

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