Market Readiness Webinar Series

RAFI-USA’s Farmers of Color Network will host a series of webinars intended to provide insights for farmers interested in learning and preparing to work with wholesale, restaurant, food market, and institutional buyers. This five-part series will focus on fundamental considerations for farmers seeking to expand their market reach. This series will cover these main topics over the course of the year:

Past webinars:


  • Working Within Farmer Collectives or Collaboratives

As the visibility of farmers of color continues to rise, this webinar series seeks to equip farmers with the information and steps necessary for market readiness, whether they are beginning or experienced.


Since its founding in 1990, RAFI-USA has recognized that our food system is deeply inequitable, where rural communities — their land, animals, and people — are exploited to benefit corporate power structures. Working across agricultural sectors and collaboratively through coalitions, RAFI-USA combines on-the-ground practical services and policy advocacy to ensure farmers have access to the tools they need to make the right choices for their farms and families as well as for their communities and the environment. For an overview of RAFI-USA’s integrated programs, please visit the website’s Programs page.

RAFI-USA challenges the root causes of unjust food systems, supporting and advocating for economically, racially, and ecologically just farm communities. We envision a thriving, sustainable, and equitable food system: Where farmers and farmworkers have dignity and agency; where they are supported by just agricultural policies; where corporations and institutions are accountable to their community 

About the Farmers of Color Network:

FOCN develops relationships with farmers of color in order to support and honor multi-generational organizing, sustainable agricultural practices, and ancestral traditions and knowledge. FOCN provides farmer-led technical assistance, offers funding opportunities, and hosts networking events and gatherings to expand market access.

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