Lindley Farms Creamery Doubles Business with RAFI Grant


Thank you to Chapel Hill Magazine’s THE WEEKLY for giving us the space to share the story of Lindley Farms Creamery, a 2012 RAFI TCRF grantee.

Snow Camp is a small town just a little more than 30 miles west of Chapel Hill, where an idyllic scene of cows grazing on rolling pasture is an everyday backdrop for sisters Ann Campbell and Janice Lindley.

American dairy farms have been on a steady decline. From 1992 to 2012, 80,028 U.S. dairy farms shuttered.

Ann and Janice were down to 50 cows from their father’s 135. But their shared love for both the land and their family’s tradition wouldn’t let them give up.

With a business sense rooted in determination to keep the farm alive, they launched a creamery for cheese, cheese spreads and cheesecakes.

“I am so grateful for that RAFI support,” Ann says. “Business has doubled. And we have gained new customers – really good people that support us.”

Read the rest of the article here. And don’t forget to get your tickets for our Crop Hop, Aug. 8, to celebrate and support small farms like Lindley Creamery. (Ann and Janice will also be donating their delicious product to our silent auction!)

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