Land Loss Prevention Project

Members of the Land Loss Prevention Project with RAFI staff and civil rights activist Shirley Sherrod.
Members of the Land Loss Prevention Project with RAFI staff and civil rights activist Shirley Sherrod.

The Land Loss Prevention Project recently celebrated 30 years of remaining dedicated to the preservation of the family farm.

In hundreds of cases, their free legal assistance has made the difference between the loss of a farm and a family staying in their home, on their land. For a farm family facing hard times because of circumstances out of their control– like a natural disaster or a cut-off chicken contract–the Land Loss Prevention Project provides expert legal assistance that would otherwise be out of their reach.

People do not like to publicly speak about nearly losing their farms, and so those who help the most in these situations often go unheralded. But through our decades of partnership, we have seen, time and time again, the importance of Land Loss Prevention Project’s assistance to farm families in desperate situations. RAFI and The Land Loss Prevention Project have recently partnered for Resource Rodeos, funded by the Southern Risk Management Education Program, a program that helps farmers connect with the folks whose job it is to support them.

The Land Loss Prevention Project was founded in 1982 by the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers to curtail epidemic losses of Black-owned land in North Carolina. The organization was incorporated in the state of North Carolina in 1983.

Land Loss Prevention Project advocates in a myriad of ways, including through litigation, public policy advocacy, and promoting sustainable agriculture and environmental justice. In 2011, Land Loss Prevention Project published the seventh edition of an important publication titled, Ten Ways to Save Your Land. Please visit their website for more resources: https://www.landloss.org/

Thank you, Land Loss Prevention Project, for your strength, your steadfast determination and for doing the important work that will eventually bring justice to agriculture.

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