Kenya Abraham

SlakMarket Farm LLC, Lexington, KY

SlakMarket Farm is building new structures on the farm, including a greenhouse and a barn. The barn will be used for animals as well as for post-harvest production and processing of honey, vegetables, and value-added products. The greenhouse will be used partially for a small enclosed aquaponics pond, which will act as a swimming place for their ducks and grow nutrient-rich food for their cows. The greenhouse will also house a classroom, seed starter production area, and space to over-winter their chicken flock.

Bio: Slak Market Farm is the Abraham family’s farm. It is a small regenerative, organic/sustainable operation that boasts a Micro-Dairy Milking Parlor- “The Dairy Dream Creamery”, and a 3 bedroom cottage home for lodging guests- “The Dairy Dream Farm Stay”. It is a community supported farm.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2024 Beginning Farmer Stipends are Here! APPLY NOW!