Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore wanted to provide meat for his family, but finding a local meat source proved difficult near his Fayetteville, NC home. This caused Jonathan to purchase his first cow in 2014, from a farmer two counties away. Once his community learned he had cows, he started receiving inquiries almost immediately about whether he would be selling meat. In 2021, Jonathan decided it was time to answer this call and established Moore Cattle Farm LLC. Jonathan runs the farm with his wife, Rosalind and their two children. They currently farm on 15 acres with grass-fed Angus cows and donkeys as livestock guardians. The Moores prioritize being exemplary stewards of both land and animals and hope to pass down their way of farming for generations to come. With their grant award, the Moore family intends to build a multi-purpose covered structure that will better ensure the safety of their livestock and workers, as well as allow them to expand into raising sheep.

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