Gabriel Jimenez

Gabriel Jimenez and his wife Tamita Brown run Caribe United Farm in Crawford, Georgia. The farm is a small-scale, diversified, pasture-raised poultry and livestock farm that sells to three farmers markets. Gabriel and Tamita also run a small CSA that provides their meat with artisanal bread and local mushrooms. The farming couple has been featured in various publications online and in print such as The Oglethorpe Echo, The Atlanta Foodcast, Georgia Organics, Voyage ATL, and Shoutout Atlanta for their work. While their operation started out on small acreage and a dream, it has recently grown with the acquisition of a 74-acre parcel. Gabriel and Tamita intend to use their grant award to invest in new equipment and infrastructure for their pasture pork operation that will allow them to increase the number of pigs they raise and meet the increasing demand of their customers.

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