Feedback requested on 1st draft rule of Compulsory Pooling Study Group


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The Compulsory Pooling Study Group has released its first draft rule, which was discussed at its meeting on Friday, March 1st. The proposed rule below would prohibit access to the surface of property that had been compulsory or “forced” pooled into a drilling unit. This rule would only apply to surface property that was force pooled. Surface access would still be granted if the surface was part of a split estate and had not been force pooled. Feedback is requested before the next meeting of the Compulsory Pooling Study Group scheduled for March 22, 2013. Please send RAFI any questions or comments you have about this proposed rule here.

Draft Rule:
The Commission in ordering pooling of mineral, oil, and gas interests shall not have the authority to grant an operator any rights to the surface property above any mineral, oil, and gas interests compelled into a pool. Any access to surface rights above compelled mineral, oil, and gas interests may be obtained only through negotiation of a voluntary agreement between the operator and the owner of the surface rights, regardless of whether such surface rights are unified with or divided from the underlying mineral, oil, and gas interests.


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