Farm Aid 2022: Artists, Advocates, and Farmers Gather in Raleigh

Farm Aid’s 2022 message was loud and clear: farmers are increasingly facing the effects of climate change, leading to extreme weather events like droughts, hurricanes, temperature changes, flooding, and more. And furthermore, we’re running out of time; we need to fix our corporate-controlled food system in the U.S. now.

Each year since 1985, a group of passionate and committed artists, farmers, advocates, nonprofits, and interested citizens have come together in support of family farms. Farm Aid is a welcome gathering place that helps give visibility to and strengthens the kind of collaboration that is necessary to sustain a resilient agriculture system that battles climate change instead of contributing to it. When Farm Aid staff members aren’t busy organizing one of the year’s best musical and agricultural events, they are one of our close partners in our Farm Advocacy program and our policy work.

RAFI-USA staff were out in full force this year at Farm Aid, with the festival’s Raleigh location just a short drive down the road from our Pittsboro office. We saw old friends and were pleased to meet hundreds of new ones at our table in the Homegrown Village where we featured “Two Truths and Lie: U.S. Ag Edition.” Game contestants spun the wheel for a chance to guess the lie out of three statements related to topics including climate change, farmers of color in the U.S., and North Carolina agriculture. 

Enjoy this photo gallery and below it, the “Two Truths and a Lie” game cards so you can test your own knowledge!

Two Truths and a Lie: U.S. Ag Edition

Flip through these six cards and choose the lie on each card. A link to answers is located at the bottom of the deck below.

Answers and citations.

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