Webinar: Farm Beginnings Informational Lunch and Learn with OGS

Webinar: Farm Beginnings Informational Lunch and Learn with OGS

August 17, 2023 12:30 pm ET

Are you drawn to a career in sustainable farming for increased independence, active days outside, and access to fresh food, fiber, and flowers grown the way you want, but want to know what it takes to sustain a farm business for the long term? Farm sustainability, at its deepest level, requires passion, commitment, clear objectives, access to resources, mentorship, training, and skill-building opportunities.

Farm Beginnings® will help you build these skills through one year of farmer-led training, mentoring, and networking. We support individuals in clarifying their goals and strengths, developing agricultural skills, and growing profitable, equitable, and ecologically sound farm businesses.

The Farmers of Color Network at RAFI welcomes Nicole DelCogliano from Organic Growers School to present this educational opportunity in a 45-minute “lunch and learn.”

Note: Due to a recording error, the August 17 event was not captured. Below is a video supplied by Organic Growers School covering the same material. 


Nicole DelCogliano
Organic Growers School

Nicole DelCogliano is a co-proprietor at Green Toe Ground Farm, established in 2001. She is the Director of Programs for OGS and has been involved in agriculture and education for more than 20 years.

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