Webinar: The Trauma of Betrayal in Farm Loss

Webinar: The Trauma of Betrayal in Farm Loss

RAFI-USA held a conversation about what happens when farmers in crisis are betrayed by someone they thought would — or had a responsibility to — help them.

RAFII held a conversation about what happens when farmers in crisis are betrayed by someone they thought would — or had a responsibility to — help them. Attorney Quinton Robinson and RAFI’s Benny Bunting discuss what this betrayal looks like and how to get help. See the video below for the entire conversation.

Farm loss has well-documented impacts on farm family mental and physical health, but what happens when that loss is compounded by betrayal? Farmers who are the target of discrimination or abuse by banks, agencies or even family members have been betrayed by those that they turned to for help. It happens often, and there are frequently few places for the farmer to turn to for justice.

This Zoom session will help farmers and those who provide assistance to farmers who have experienced or are experiencing financial crisis on the specifics of farmer betrayal; a betrayal committed by someone a farmer thought was going to help them during their financial crisis. You’ll leave this session with a deeper understanding of how it happens (which often is not apparent until it’s too late), what remedies farmers may have access to, and how this betrayal affects the mental and physical health of farm families moving into their post-crisis life.  

Our presenters, Attorney Quinton Robinson and Benny Bunting, have sat at farm kitchen tables and fought on behalf of 

This workshop is part of the Navigating Financial and Mental Health Crises project of the Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA (RAFI-USA) and is  funded by Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research &Education (SARE)

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Benny Bunting and Quinton N. Robinson, Esq.

Quinton N. Robinson, Esq.  is a practicing attorney with litigation experience in the fields of employment and farm credit discrimination cases, recently accomplishing groundbreaking legal precedents on behalf of minority farmers and ranchers.   Mr. Robinson has served in many leadership capacities including, a White House political appointee for the Obama Administration, as a member of the Georgia State Directors of Rural Development with the United States Department of Agriculture, the Director of the Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and as the Assistant Counsel on the House Agriculture Committee.

Benny Bunting is RAFI-USA’s Lead Farm Advocate. Since 1983, Benny has assisted farmers in financial crisis with financial counseling, representation in administrative appeals and advocacy on farmers’ behalf to Federal agencies and lending institutions. He has served thousands of farms, and often makes the difference between farm families staying in their homes and on the land or losing all that they have. He has worked on hundreds of cases where discrimination was an issue, including 2 of the lead plaintiffs in the women’s class-action lawsuit against USDA.

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