RAFI Listening Session on NRCS Programs/Services

RAFI Listening Session on NRCS Programs/Services

April 4, 2024 7:00 pm ET

Have you had any of the following interactions with NRCS:

  1. Contracted with NRCS
  2. Applied successfully to NRCS programs like EQIP or CSP 
  3. Applied but had difficulty with NRCS staff, program structure, or requirements
  4. Tried to apply to/access NRCS but without success
  5. Heard about NRCS but find this agency less helpful than they say they are  
  6. Other?

Do you wish you had a constructive (and anonymous) outlet for sharing your experience? Do you wish you could hear the feedback other farmers have to share?   

Join RAFI’s Listening Session on NRCS Programs!

Who: Farmers, especially those who are BIPOC, “Historically Underserved” by USDA standards, and located in the Southeast region, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico*. This Listening Session is designed for those with previous experience or familiarity with NRCS.  

*Farmers in the U.S. Virgin Islands are also encouraged to attend this event AND the to-be-announced in-person “Focus Groups” in St. Croix and St. Thomas, hosted by Virgin Islands Good Food.

*Farmers in Puerto Rico are encouraged to attend this English-speaking event AND/OR a virtual event held entirely in Spanish, on Saturday, April 6, from 3:00-5:00 p.m.  Registration for the April 6 event is forthcoming.

At this *virtual* event, farmers can expect both an interactive presentation and facilitated discussion in breakout groups to provide real-time feedback unique to your geographic region.  Access to a computer or device is highly encouraged for quality participation in the event. This could be a challenge for those who don’t have a device or internet at home. Joining by phone is possible, but participation will be more limited and will require you to “unmute” yourself to speak up. Read more details below.

Feedback details

Data as well as farmers’ stories and testimonies will be anonymously reported to state and federal NRCS staff within a RAFI-produced Summary Report.  Participating farmers in this event will receive a digital or print copy of this report.

Presentation Details

In the presentation portion, farmers will hear:

  • A summary of the barriers to accessing NRCS programs, especially NRCS financial assistance. 
  • Proposed changes RAFI and its partners will pose to NRCS (we want to know what you think!) 

Our goal with this listening session is to share what we have learned about NRCS with you, hear if it does or doesn’t match your experience, and learn what you have been seeing on the ground. 

Since the presentation will be interactive, we recommend using a computer or phone with internet access to participate. 


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