Listening & Sharing Sacred Stories (Hillsborough, NC)

Listening & Sharing Sacred Stories (Hillsborough, NC)

April 11, 2024 10:00 am ET

This interactive workshop will lead participants through examples of effective storytelling practices for individuals, ministries, and congregations. Focused on the importance of deep listening and community building, the workshop will equip faith leaders with practices to take back to their own congregation. Lunch and mileage reimbursements will be offered.

Event Speakers and Sponsors

Dr. Fatimah Salleh
Executive Director of Curanopy

Rev. Dr. Fatimah S. Salleh was born in Brooklyn, NY to a Puerto-Rican and Malaysian mother and an African American father. Dr. Salleh received her PhD in Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also earned a Master’s degree from Syracuse University in Public Communication and a second Master’s in Divinity from Duke University. She is married to Eric Sorensen and they have four children. She is the founder of Curanopy Ministries and A Certain Work.

Come to the Table Team

Members of the Come to the Table team will co-facilitate this workshop with Fatimah Salleh of Curanopy.

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