Info Session on Free Journeyperson Program with OGS

Info Session on Free Journeyperson Program with OGS

October 18, 2023 12:00 pm ET

The Journeyperson Program with Organic Growers School (OGS), is a free yearlong cohort-based training for experienced growers in Southern Appalachia.

Starting a farm is a formidable challenge, but keeping a farm business going, growing, and thriving is even harder! The OGS Journeyperson Program is designed for farmers who have been independently farming for three or more years and are serious about operating farm businesses in the Southern Appalachian region. This program will give you the space and time to work on your business’s scale, viability, and long-term direction while making connections that deepen peer-to-peer support.

Organic Grower’s School’s FREE year-long program Journeyperson offers established farmers an individualized road map to meet you where you are in your farm business journey. This program starts in November 2023 and ends in November 2024. Application deadline is Nov 1, 2023.

This program will give you the space and time to work on your business while making connections that deepen your peer-to-peer support. Participants can use this program as a tangible step toward achieving their farm goals, and make significant contributions to the agricultural community and economy. This program is designed to give tailored guidance and support for your farm business to answer questions of: scale, market access, land access, risk management, understanding cash flow, and enterprise innovation. You will leave this program with a responsive, adaptable business plan to help your farm achieve long-term farm viability and resilience.

The Farmers of Color Network at RAFI welcomes Nicole DelCogliano from Organic Growers School to present this educational opportunity

Nicole DelCogliano
Director of Programs for Organic Growers School

Nicole DelCogliano is Director of Programs for OGS and has been involved in agriculture and education for more than 20 years. She is co-proprietor at Green Toe Ground Farm, established in 2001.

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