“Environmental Justice, CAFOs, and Community Health” with Dr. Sacoby Wilson

Dr. Sacoby Wilson will give the second talk in the Equity at the Table Speaker Series. This talk will be by invitation only, due to limited seating.

Equity at the Table Speaker Series
March 9, 2018 ¦ Pittsboro, NC – event is invite only due to limited seating
“Environmental Justice, CAFOs, and Community Health”

In an evening dinner discussion, Dr. Wilson will talk about his ten years of experience researching the health impacts of confined animals feeding operations (CAFOs) on both farmers and surrounding communities. He will also talk about his efforts to engage affected communities in environmental justice, pollution monitoring, health advocacy  efforts. In an effort to build relationships and collaborative conversations among traditionally separated stakeholders, attendees will include current & former contract farmers, social justice advocates, agricultural policy experts, researchers, environmental advocates, and worker rights advocates.

Dr. Wilson is an assistant professor with the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health (MIAEH) and Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Maryland-College Park. He is an environmental health scientist with over ten years of experience working in community-university partnerships on environmental health and justice issues. Dr. Wilson has expertise in exposure science and applied environmental health including community-based exposure assessment, environmental justice science, social epidemiology, environmental health disparities, built environment, air pollution monitoring and community-based participatory research (CBPR). For the past two years, he has been building a program on community engagement, environmental justice, and health (CEEJH) to engage impacted communities, advocacy groups and policymakers in Maryland and the Washington DC region on environmental justice issues and health disparities.

Speaker: Dr. Sacoby Wilson
Monday March 9, 2018, 7:00-8:30pm // Pittsboro, NC

About Equity at the Table Speaker Series

In early 2018, the Come to the Table program launched the Equity at the Table Speaker Series. The series is designed for people who are working at the intersection of equity and food security and for those with the desire to think more critically about equity in their work and volunteerism. The series will consist of lectures, workshops and events addressing topics relevant to our work. We invite people of faith, farmers, activists, and journalists to attend and share their perspectives.

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