Dilora González Morales

Farm Name: Finca Pueblo Nuevo

City: Florida, Puerto Rico

Dilora González and her family have an agroecological project in Ciales called Pueblo Nuevo. Pueblo Nuevo has been running for eight years and the project is dedicated to planting and selling vegetables, root vegetables, and processed products from the farm. Due to the nature of agroecological planting, Dilora has had a varied production that fluctuates depending on the season but has achieved all of her family farms successes completely free of chemicals and substances harmful to the environment. With her funds, Dilora wants to rebuild a damaged car that she uses for refrigeration. Due to Hurricane Fiona, the air conditioning and solar system batteries were damaged on the unit. Its loss has caused great difficulties in maintaining the quality and quantity of harvest necessary to bring healthy food to their consumers. As the project is located in a remote area Dilora does not have access to electricity and is completely “Off Grid”, therefore relying on a completely solar system.

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