Clergy Healing Money Wounds and Addressing Fiscal Trauma

In late September, RAFI-USA and the Come to the Table program hosted a Community Conversations event centering on the recognition, addressing, and healing of fiscal trauma, or money-based emotional wounds.

Our conversation, “How Can We Heal Money Wounds? Clergy Respond to Fiscal Trauma,” was intended as a space for clergy to share their financial and money-related experiences with one another, explore the depths of their own financially induced trauma, and learn more regarding tools for addressing the emotional impact of fiscal trauma.

Because clergy are trained to minister to others, this often comes at the expense of the well-being of themselves and their families. In the wake of a pandemic and political turmoil, clergy are called upon the re-imagine personal and community financial well-being and to minister to the wounds created by fiscal trauma and economic inequity.

By starting with their financial wounds, clergy can create new conversations and co-create strategies with their congregations and communities. This community conversation was designed to introduce participants to the concept of fiscal trauma and provided an understanding of how it impacts the emotional well-being of individuals and communities.
Participants took away tools for exploring the impact of fiscal trauma in their own lives and prepared them to support their congregations in creating more spiritually-centered visions of prosperity.

Have you identified how finance-related trauma has affected you in your ministry?

Do you have language for describing your experiences with fiscal trauma?

Who do you talk through money and finances with to share your fears and hopes?
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