Chue Lee

Chue Lee’s One Fortune Farm in Marion, NC, is a group of relatives from the Hmong community who follow the traditional practice of cooperatively growing food to feed their families. The eight farmers are all growers of fruits and vegetables, and six of the farmers also plant heirloom rice at a four-acre, natural wetland site. They meticulously hand-select and save the seed each season. Lee’s One Fortune Farm covers more than 90 acres and features just under 1,000 fruit trees, including specialty Japanese “blood red” plum trees, seven varieties of Asian pear, eight plum varieties, seven peach varieties, two persimmons, and four different types of nectarine. The farm produces a vast array of Asian vegetables and more. While focused on provisioning the extended family, the Farm sells surplus to restaurants and farmers markets. With the FOCN grant, Lee plans to construct a much-needed new building for washing and processing produce.

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