Cherie Jzar

Deep Roots CPS Farm, Charlotte, NC

Cherie Jzar is constructing a packing shed with a washing tank, screen drying table, and wet area to ensure quick processing of their harvest. The new space will also have two sinks for cleaning vegetables and flowers, as well as a walk-in cooler for storing their harvest. They are currently processing all items at an off-site processing station, so this new set-up will greatly improve their farm’s efficiency.

Bio: Cherie Jzar is a certified professional urban planner with extensive background in urban agriculture and is devoted to developing sustainable urban agricultural projects that truly sustains people. Cherie possesses broad experience in community planning and urban farming including beekeeping, raising chickens, and homesteading. Wisdom serves as the onsite Farm Manager and is the resident expert on wildlife, beekeeping, regenerative agriculture practices, and locating and installing urban farm projects.

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